Caffeine Powder Adds A Bit of Zing to Everything

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bill-swift - December 20, 2013

Want to add some zing to everything you eat? Need a pick-me-up but don't feel like having coffee or drinking one of those (sometimes bitter) energy drinks? Then just add a pinch or two of CaffeinAll caffeine powder and you're good to go. It sounds strange, but caffeine is now packaged in powder form so you can add it to any food or drink, just like you would with salt and pepper (for the former) and sugar or cream (for the latter.)

The makers of CaffeinAll, Caffex, recommend that people should not exceed nine shots/shakes/sprinkles in a day. The usual risks that come with consuming caffeine apply, so you might want to read the labels carefully lest you go overboard.

Check It Out: $19.99

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