By the Power of Grayskull: Jon Chu To Direct ‘Masters Of The Universe’

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bill-swift - March 29, 2013

Now that Jon Chu is done playing with his G.I. Joe's, the director is looking to break out his He-Man action figures for a Masters of the Universe reboot. Based on the popular 80's cartoon series (and not so much the unpopular 80's Dolph Lundgren flop), the film is still in the very early stages of production, which is just Chu's way of saying "there's nothing to tell you yet, so leave me the hell alone."

We're still early but we're deep in experimenting. This is the most fun phase for me because we get to try everything we've ever wanted to try in [Masters of the Universe] and then we get to throw out all the things that don't work, which is most of it. [This allows us to know] what our tone is, where we're going to head with it and it's a very important phase because it shows [us] the direction we're going to go in the future.

Well, whatever direction they decide on better include the Slime Pit. That thing was awesome. And with the gay-marriage debate kicking into high gear, I can't help but think Orko is going to receive a lot of screen time. (Source)

I hope it's at least half as good as this scene:

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