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bill-swift - August 19, 2005

first. Otherwise, read on...

I think my head nearly popped watching this one. It's that good. This one is all about Bryan Singer's short trip to Comic-Con, and starts out regularly enough. Verité-style follow shots, some interviews, some funny bits, etc...

Then it comepletely takes you by surprise with shots of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent on the farm, then in his "mild-mannered" persona, then they tease you. Then he flies! Yes, in this clip are the first shots of Superman flying. Plus there's great shots of him in the Superman costume. If that wasn't enough, the end of the clip gets into the story of Superman coming back from Krypton!!?? Holy Crap!

Oh, and Routh's got a really good voice for the role.

Check out the caps after the jump, too.

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