Bryana Holly in Denim Extra Lean, Extra Hot

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bill-swift - February 3, 2017

If you like slender wicked hot blondes, then you've been lusting Bryana Holly for some time now. The go-to young model for niche clothing lines, as well as go-to girlfriend for famous and infamous young gentlemen, has that air of allure about her you simply can't fake. You've got it or you don't. Bryana has tons of it. It's overflowing. That might be partially me.

Bryana's latest work for Ravice Denim takes a simple idea, how American girl in jeans and denim, and not much else needed. That lithesome but stacked body on Bryana is hard to ignore. I'm not really in the market for women's jeans, though I'd probably empty my bank account for the pair Bryana's been wearing. That's how I roll. Jokes on them if you knew how little was in my bank account. Ramen for dinner again. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Ravice Denim