Britney Spears White Hot Bikini In Hawaii

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bill-swift - August 8, 2016

Louisiana's finest, Britney Spears, was spotted wearing a tiny white bikini in Hawaii. The pop superstar had on a suit that left little to the imagination, which is fine because imagination is overrated. Britney is back in tip top shape with her Vegas shows and whatnot and she is toned all over. Those delicious Britney jugs are looking as good as they did when she did the "Hit me Baby One More Time" video in the Catholic school girl uniform 20 years ago. How many women can say that they look as good as they did 20 years ago? Not many. You can see the fruits of all that working out in her super tight abdomen. That thing is rock solid, y'all. Then there is that Britney booty. All that dancing makes that back stuff super firm. Me likey.

I'm glad Britney worked out all of her crap and got back to what really matters. Namely being hot and singing songs about sex and stuff. Priorities. 


Photo Credit: Splash