Britney Spears Takes Her Workout Body To Instagram

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aldo-vallon - November 16, 2017

 I have had my eyes on that stomach ever since I first saw it dressed up in that Catholic schoolgirl uniform all those years ago and it amazes me just how little it has changed. I do not know what is required to keep it in such an immaculate condition, I assume a deal with the devil at some point, but as long as she keeps doing what she is doing then I don't care.

If TMZ was to break a story that she paid a couple of Filipino men to hit her with pool noodles I wold not even care. If that is how she stays so toned, then who am I to judge? As long as she refrains from judging me by how I eat hotdogs, from the middle out, then I do not see a problem. 

The woman had given birth to multiple kids for crying out loud. We all have to assume that some underhanded dealings are taking place in order to make this body happen. Don't eat the sausage if you do not like how it is made.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Backgrid USA