VIDEO: Britney Spears Sings Sorta But Actually Not Really At All

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Sam Robeson - December 12, 2018


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Almost exactly a year ago Britney Spears documented a case of the Christmas runs on Instagram, and it was actually... good? Maybe? I truly can't tell, but I can tell that this new video is not. Because it's great! Just kidding it's weird. This time around, Spears' rendition of White Christmas is distorted into a high-pitched shriek thanks to the ubiquitous mentally handicapped reindeer Insta filter everyone's using. It really is all just for laughs, and we should be happy that Spears escaped her managers long enough to have some fun on her iPhone. And for that matter, we should be happy that they finally upgraded her to a real phone versus her previous one. "Yes Diego, it's me again, please save me from this hell."

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