Bridget Malcolm Barely Covered

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bill-swift - March 15, 2016

If you happen to dig Down Under super hotties who model for Victoria's Secret, then invade your dreams at night, you must be a fan of tall and lean and lovely model Bridget Malcolm. Bridget has been responding to criticism of late about her slenderness, which to be fair, is pretty much consistent with all young ladies who model. I think someday that battle will come to an end and people will realize that there's a difference between an eating disorder and just being skinny for your job. Or, in the case of bloggers, the opposite. We do need our winter weight.

Bridget is featured in boudoir half-dressed shots in the new edition of GQ Australia where she rolls around in various beds and makes you wonder what it might be like to have a Bridget of your own in the bedroom. If she were my girl I'd kindly ask that she spend at least an hour a day just in her undies rolling around in the sheets. It really is quite the thing. Especially with that lingerie clad body. She's a woman you won't soon forget. If ever. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: GQ Australia