Brew Clip Combines What Every Guy Needs: A Money Clip and A Bottle Opener

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bill-swift - April 16, 2013

After a long and hard day at work, what every guy wants (or needs, really) is a bottle or two of ice cold beer. To get from beerless to beerful, a guy needs two things: money and a bottle opener. Booze in cans is fine, but there's nothing more refreshing and generally more enjoyable than chugging down your favorite brew from a bottle. In order to open it, you need a bottle opener (you can also use your teeth, but after seeing what happened to my buddy last weekend, I would advise against it.)

And in order to buy a bottle in the first place, you need some money. This is where the Brew Clip comes in.

It's basically a money clip with a bottle opener on the other end, so you really don't need to bring anything else--aside from your game--when you're ready to let loose.

After all, you worked hard today. You deserve it.

Get It: $49

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