BREAKING: The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Game Isn’t All That Awful

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chris-littlechild - July 13, 2016

  If you’re up what’s hip and happening, the word on the street and other ancient slang nobody uses any more, you’ll know that a spangly new Ghostbusters movie is arriving this week. Which is all well and good, if you’re a fan of the original series. Providing they don’t eff it up and take a damn good dump on its legacy, which is pretty likely.  

For the gamers among us, though, this is a terrifying prospect. Why? Because the movie comes with a licensed tie-in in tow, that’s why. We all know that these game-of-the-film deals are usually half-assed out the door as quickly as possible, so the developers can get their claws into our cashtacular.

Between the notorious ballache that was Superman 64, and countless other slices of terrible (I even owned the Minority Report game on GameCube, for crying out loud), I learned long ago to be wary. As it turns out, though, the new Ghostbusters title isn’t all that horrendous.

Sure, it’s not trying anything remotely new. We’re talking about a super-simple twin stick shooter, unlikely to make anyone lose bowel control with excitement. The good news is, it’s also unlikely to make anyone cry sad, sad tears of blood at its pure unadulterated awfulness. Which is a rare plus for licensed games.

Ghostbusters is available on PS4 and Xbox One now, and you can take an ogle at the launch trailer right here.

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