Boobs! And Amiibos! But Mostly, the Boobs

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chris-littlechild - January 3, 2015

Do you know what in holy hell an Amiibo is? If not, you aren't down with the kids. You aren't cool. You're doomed to be that dad who's always mocked by his kids' friends, humming along to your Elvis records on the gramophone and playing bingo with the other octogenarians.

Get your shit together, grandpa. This is 2015. There isn't a dude in the corner with a piano at the movie theater any more.

So, anywho. Amiibos. These lil' figures are probably Nintendo's oddest ‘peripheral' yet. Remember 1985's ROB (Robotic Operating Buddy), the plastic robo-dude who 'played' NES games with you? Of course you don't, it was bollocks. But the 'miibos work on a similar principle; interacting with Wii U and 3DS games, transmitting data and also being kinda crap.

But hell, they're a collectible. Some people want them. Others really want them. And some will get their boobtastic out for them.

Over on Craigslist Miami, one fan is going to impressive, hey-check-out-my-nipples lengths to complete the collection. They're ‘offering to exchange the sight of "boobs" for "Captain Falcon or Pit amiibos - $5.",' quoth Destructoid. More than that, ‘the amiibo fan goes on to offer "more for Marth, Villager or Wii Fit Girl" as they "really want those amiibos."'

Now, any deal that brings more nork ogling into the world is a good deal. Of course it is. Nevertheless, this is all getting a little questionable right here. What's this ‘more,' exactly? More money? More nekkidness? Cooch shots? A full-on sex show with a dude in a Mario outfit? The mind boggles.

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