Blind Item: Celebrity Offspring Model Blind Drunk On The Runway

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Sam Robeson - February 23, 2018

You could only say ALL OF THEM on this Blind Iten if the model was on cocaine and laxatives. The Hadids' father isn't really a celebrity and anorexic (allegedly, don't sue) people don't like empty calories so Kaia Gerber is out. Hailey Baldwin looks messed the hell up on the runway for the Stella McCartney show, so, we'll go with her. At least she's got that enchanting face.


"To say this designer was ticked, would be an understatement. It was only when the very rich father of this celebrity offspring offered to invest $100K with the designer that the designer allowed the offspring to walk the runway. The offspring was wasted out of her mind which is why the designer was upset."


Photo Credit: Splash News

H/T: Crazydaysandnights