Blake Lively Brings Her Uptown Sexy to the Ghetto

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bill-swift - June 15, 2011

Blake Lively returned to the public eye last night, I mean, knowingly to the public eye, at a benefit in N.Y. for the  Ghetto Film School, which I think is right next to my alma mater, the School of Hard Knocks. We haven't seen much of Blake out in a public setting since the entire 'D'at ain't me!" nekkid cellphone photo debacle (or, photo delightful, for those on the ogling end of that release), though she has been spotted sneaking about the streets of Europe as rebound beard for Leonardo DiCaprio. If seeing th0se self-portraits weren't enough to convince you of the sweet legs and ridiculously sexy all-over of this Gossip Girl and model, just take a look at how Blake Lively hangs out at film schools -- still super hawt. I think it is those legs that get me the most, though, I'd certainly not stop there. Enjoy.