Blake Lively Best Dressed for Vogue; Bestest Undressed Though Really

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bill-swift - November 16, 2010

Seeing the spectacularly hot Blake Lively in the Vogue Best Dressed edition made me think of two things: first, yep, total fashionista snub again against me and my attempt to bring back Zubaz pants, second, as I'm sure haute couture dressed as sexy Blake Lively is, well, there's never been an outfit invented for a hot woman that matches the fashion statement of the birthday suit, something we here at Egotastic! would surely love Blake Lively to pose in for a reputable photographer, or, you know, me, in my basement, with my 1972 Instamatic, sweating like Bob Crane. Just thinking of full frontal Blake Lively has me drooling sweat dreams. Enjoy.