Billionaire Barbie Flashes Big Cleavage For Her Little Reality Show

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bill-swift - June 10, 2011

She may be a bubble-headed bleached blonde with a penchant for powdery bumps and racial insensitivity, but give it up for Billionaire Barbie, for when she dolls up, she's still very ogle worthy. The heiress who could care less is working her way through Los Angeles these days with a film crew in tow for her World According to Paris reality show, in which the freshly Botoxed fräulein parties and shops and retrieves secreted baggies from inside her little pooches pouches. It's like watching a train wreck in such slow motion, that it takes eight years before you see the wreckage. Still, Bilionaire Barbie has herself a good time and doesn't really hurt anybody. In fact, by pushing up her boobs to the nth degree, she's making many of us leering types quite happy, so, in the end, let Paris be Paris. Enjoy.