Billionaire Barbie Brings Her Lazy Eye Party Machine to Bali

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bill-swift - November 16, 2011

It's a real gamble to pay the mighty appearance fee for Billionaire Barbie to present herself at your nightclub, resort, or restaurant (and, yeah, she gets paid for her public appearances). Sure, there's the once in a while escapade where the hotel heiress will tip back one or seven too many and get her body rocking and panties flashing in the DJ booth before spilling half-nekkid out into the street (you know, before getting behind the wheel to zig-zag home), but, most of the time, you get the super bored and disaffected Paris with her good eye glued to the cell phone, texting key instructions to her dog groomer or LOLZ a plenty to various other super bored and disaffected heiresses around the planet. At least she cleans up nice. Enjoy.