Beyonce Goes Super Tight Dress to Celebrate Release of Her Super Tight Album

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bill-swift - December 24, 2013

Beyoncescheduled her album release extravaganza about two weeks after secretly releasing her self-titled album onto the Internet, causing iTunes to rupture a spleen feeding the frenzy of girls 14-35 who simply can't get enough Beyonce on the musical plates. The release party was worth the wait as Beyonce showed up in a skin tight short shimmering dress that showed off her body and the reason men of all ages are interested in this pop diva. Just look at those curves.

I don't care how much support Beyonce required to slide into that little numbers, of the hours it might take to peel it off, she looked absolutely smoking hot as the star of her very own party. At the holiday times, all you can hope for is to own the party. Well, I hope not to fall asleep in relative stranger's bath tubs, but for girls like Beyonce, they aim just a little bit higher. I'd say she hit the mark. Sha-zam. Enjoy.

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