Better Names for Groups of Animals Because The Current Ones Suck (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - July 12, 2013

Groups of animals are given special names in the English language. Sometimes I wonder who was in charge in coming up with all these names, because some of them are just downright stupid. For example, it's a 'troop of baboons' or 'a murder of crows', but what's so troopy about monkeys with red butts? I have little to say about the crows though, since they remind me of dead people for some reason and 'murder' seems appropriate for them.

The folks over at Pleated-Jeans agree, which is why they came up with a new set of clever, sometimes smart, and definitely witty names for these group of animals. Why? Because they can.

From a 'Ryan' of goslings to a 'Tony' of hawks, you'll be laughing your ass because of this very funny clip. Enjoy!

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