Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Take Us Down Under With a Reality Show Mom (That Dudes Can Appreciate)

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bill-swift - February 21, 2013

First, our forever warning. Beware of women with large hats and oversized sunglasses on the beach While the wearer will assure you the nature of their wardrobe is for sun protection, many a man at the beach has been fooled into thinking he's chatting up Bo Derek along the surf, only to discover upon removal of hat and glasses that he's been delivering his best pickup lines to a gal who looks like his middle school P.E. teacher, the one who wore the dolphin shorts and seemed particularly interested in making sure you showered properly whilst he twiddled his mustache.

That being said, and caveats of the crazy, plastic surgeried and botoxoed faces of approximately 99.89 percent of all women on reality television, we still do get a junior league thrill out of seeing 40-something Bethenny Frankelin her bikinis wherever the mom takes her latest vacations. In this case, Bondi Beach in Sydney, for a little demonstation of the power of a good diet, strict workouts, and a little nip and tuck to keep a veteran mom looking more than peekable in her bikini on the beach.

We must admit to having little clue as to exactly what Bethenny Frankel does, I'm sure some of you ladies do know, but we do know she does mom-in-bikini-on-the-beach pretty darn well. Enjoy.

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