Bethenny Frankel Bikini Pictures Might Just Show Enough Cleave to Overcome the Floppy Hat and Sunglasses

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bill-swift - November 28, 2012

As you know, Egotastic! rule #721 clearly states that more often than not, you must beware of women in large hats and oversized sunglasses for whatever your little mister is telling you about hotness, once the accessories are removed, you might be staring face to face with somebody who looks like your Great Aunt Maddy. And if your Great Aunt Maddy looks like my Great Aunt Maddy, you're going to wish you had read rule #721 before finding yourself alone in a hotel room with the former Ms. Hottie in the sunglasses and floppy hat.

Having said that, we just had to share these bikini pictures of reality TV star and mom, Bethenny Frankel, who I'm told millions of the ladyfolk admire for her ladylike skills at something or other, and who we can now admire ourselves in some form or fashion thanks to these bikini pictures from her Thanksgiving holiday vacation. There's a little something something going on. Enjoy.