Bella Thorne’s Cleavage on Social Media

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aldo-vallon - August 30, 2017

 I am still not entirely sure where Bella Thorne has received her fame from, but I am certain about where she gets her recognition. With cleavage like that a man who is legally blind could recognize her out of a police lineup. Her crime? Probably stealing the attention of every man she passes. 

Her name sure is fitting. She has been a Thorne in my side ever since she came onto the scene. How can a man be expected to get any work done when she posts pics such as these for all the world to see, except for North Korea of course. It is sabotage of the highest sort, and from the look on her face I get the impression that she knows it. Bella is probably that type of girl from high school who enjoyed giving a kid a boner on the dance floor only so that she could leave him stranded out there once the song was finished. Well the joke is on her this time, because no one can see me in my apartment. I knew I would get the last laugh one of these days and I think this was about the best I could hope for. 


Photo Credit: Snapchat