Bella Thorne’s Boobs Are Bigger Than Ever And Also Here Are Her Yeti Legs

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Sam Robeson - January 22, 2019


AIDS under a microscope Bella Thorne showed up to some tragic red carpet event with her biggest tits yet out and proud, but always the crowd-pleaser, she was like extra af and flaunted some serious leg hair. Girl snapped. Girl did that. So anyway the tits. At just twenty-one-years-old, Thorne has had enough Groupon plastic surgery to make even the most botched and aged Jenndashians jelly. At this point - out of sheer medical curiosity - I want to see just how big Bella's boobs can get, but that doesn't mean I think they're heading in a progressively hotter direction. In these pap pics, her tits look like if they bumped into something, the sound would resemble two kettlebells hitting a concrete floor. I imagine the plastic surgery scars to be both prominent and infected. And then you have the yeti leg hair. Marry me already dammit.


Photo Credit: Splash News, Getty Images

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