Bella Thorne Pimping Buxom

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bill-swift - March 21, 2017

Buxom Cosmetics seems like both an inane and awesome brand name at the same time. What does buxom have to do with makeup? First blush, who cares. Second blush, Bella Thorne showing off her hotness in advancement of the Buxom name. Suddenly I care and Bella's chesty goodness all makes sense.

This is hardly Bella's most risque photo shoot, but a solid highlight of how alluring this young star can be in various wigs and cosmetic overhauls. Or without all of the above standing naked in my shower asking me to soap her back. I don't get makeup. I do understand wildly impossible dreams. Bella, you inspire both I suppose. I'm sticking with the ones that come free of charge save for the electricity expense of cranking up my radio to cover the guttural moans. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Buxom Cosmetics