Bella Thorne Is Chesty In Spandex

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michael-garcia - September 9, 2016

Redhead dream Bella Thorne did what she does best by teasing us all in a super tight pair of Spandex pants and a tank top. Everyone on Earth knows that Bella Thorne has some of the best ta-tas in the business. They are big, and beautiful, and if I got to nuzzle my face between them and give them a good motorboating I would die a happy man. In the meantime I have her almost daily reminders of how hot she is. Besides the cleav from her jugs, she's also showing us her smooth, silky bare midriff. This thing is as taut as a drumhead. From what I can tell from her Snapchat and Instagram, she spends most of her time working out. Hence why she's in such good shape. Keep up the hard work, Bella, we appreciate it. 

But lets not forget her tight Spandex pants. Even though she's in great shape, she's still managed to keep some nice curves. It's like magic or something. 


Photo Credit: Splash

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