Bella Thorne Bikini Body Baring Vacation Photos

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bill-swift - February 17, 2016

Bella Thorne is legitimately busy these days. Celebrities like to complain about being crazy busy but it's mostly kind of just an indulgence we grant them by not objecting. Bella Thorne is actually filming about ten movies and for five magazines at any given time. She's all of eighteen and has a magnificently large future riding on her work and probably deserves a break from time to time. A vacation to get away from the stress, and when that vacation involves extensive use of bikinis and selfies, that's when we go to work.

Bella's got the ginger topped body of a curvaceous angel. Her looks always carried her through her teen days, but now that she's barely legal we are fully able to discuss the extent to which her boobtastic in bikinis and little showy tops drive us to the point of happy madness. The fact that she promotes her own body rather steadily on social media just means she's some kind of digital age saint. I'd vote for her with my free hand. Bella, you are a doll. Keep the doll photos coming. We'll keep ogling. This is the centerpiece of our beautiful relationship. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Snapchat/Instagram