Bella Hadid Poses In Gorgeous Little Lingerie In Victoria’s Secret Bra

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aldo-vallon - December 3, 2018

I do not think they could have done anything to make Bella Hadid’s legs look longer aside from sticking her on those stilts I see Uncle Sam on every year in the 4th of July parade. Less people would have probably seen that as sexy, though. I am not in agreement with that notion, but who am I to say that is wrong?

High-waisted underwear paired with high-heeled boots that reach up to her knees are a surefire way to get me to question her paternity. She is more likely to have descended from a lineage of giraffes than anything else.

My ex-girlfriend had me thinking I was being paranoid by being jealous of her interaction with the giraffe at the zoo, but now I am not so sure. I knew I was right for not trusting those stilt goats. They’ll wait until your back is turned and then move in on your girl. The worst part is they do not even need to do any climbing to get in your girl’s window. It’s right at eye-level. There is nothing you can do to get out of their reach.



Photo Credit: Instagram