Bella Hadid Excited To Look So Hot in White Tank

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bill-swift - June 1, 2016

Bella Hadid is my muse these days. That is, I spend hours a day leering at her hot body and musing to myself how much fine that must be to dive into after a long day of work. Or just a short day so I qualify as well. 

Featured in Visionaire magazine, which I believe is French for super hot nipples, Bella Hadid shows off in various stages of dramatic lightly dressed, including more than one wife beater tank top that shows off her heavenly headlights. I've never really a nineteen year old with so much presence before a camera before. Her sister is close. It's must be both nature and nurture, that of their model mom. These lust-filled feelings within me for Bella are more than real. Maybe clear those living in homes below the dam. I can't make any promises as to hold back the forces of nature. Bella, you really must be my FWB for just like a week. And let's say the Friends part is totally optional. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Visionaire Magazine