Behati Prinsloo Pregnant Instagram Selfie

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aldo-vallon - October 24, 2017

 I would not consider pregnancy to be my field of expertise, so my next remark may be way off base, but I would have thought Behati Prinsloo's jugs would be a bit larger at this stage in the game. Judging by her previous belly to booby ratio, the belly definitely seems to be taking an early lead. I understand that a pregnant woman's boobs cannot be expected to keep up with the tummy throughout the entire process, that would be ridiculous. They would end up the size of weather balloons and carry her off into the atmosphere. That would not only be unsafe, but also unappealing from my perspective. Let's leave the cloud jugs to the porn stars, shall we? 

That being said, I still think Behati has a couple cup sizes to spare before she gets into that dangerous territory. So what gives? Is my timing off and the jugs do not start to grow until it gets closer to the end? That seems like it would be cutting it sort of close. And at that time the baby is going to be hogging them to itself and they will be totally wasted. 


Photo Credit: Instagram