Behati Prinsloo Braless Cutout Dress In Paris Hides Little

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bill-swift - January 27, 2016

Now we're talking. All the giant hats and plumes and silly Hunger Games dresses at Fashion Week have gotten down to business in the guise of hotties like Behati Prinsloo showing off in revealing slit and cut out dresses. The kind of thing you might actually see a real woman wearing out for real. Well, a really hot woman wearing out somewhere super nice and making you all kinds of wishing you had something more exotic than a Budweiser can in your hand you're about to shotgun.

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Behati walked the runway for some fashion designer I have no idea. But in the kind of dress that has no time for bras or panties, just flesh of the rich and sextastic and famous beneath. Now that's what I call fashion. The only thing finer than this dress would be tearing the dress to pieces to form a rope ladder for Behati and I to make our escape from this elitist nonsensical shmata bazaar. She's be naked and I'd naturally be her gentleman rescuer. You know, slash quickie baby maker. There wouldn't be a lot of time. Not when Adam Levine is running around Paris looking to kick your ass. Scary. Behati, I can meet you backstage in five. First I need to affect an Italian accent. Enjoy.

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