Beach Boy Beat By His Babe

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elliot-wolf - August 3, 2018

Only if David Marks could have packed his bags and headed to Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, or the Bahamas before the police were able to arrest him for fighting his wife. I don’t think too many constables or sheriffs care about picking up anyone with outstanding warrants for domestic violence in the Florida Keys. David and his wife, Carrieann Marks, were both booked for a little bit of some unregulated at-home UFC action. Which only proves you should never put a ring on any woman who has a compound first name. If her parents couldn’t pick one first name over a nine month period the chances that she wasn’t planned happens to be very high. And unplanned kids never get the full amount of love needed to develop into functional adults that can behave. She was booked as the aggressor.longtime

Beach Boys member David Marks was arrested in a domestic dispute with his wife, but it sounds like she was the instigator ... according to law enforcement.

We're told police responded to a dispute earlier this month in the San Fernando Valley between David and his wife, Carrieann Marks. After investigating, cops placed both David and Carrieann in cuffs and hauled them off to jail. David was arrested and booked for resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer -- a misdemeanor -- and Carrieann got busted for domestic violence against a spouse ... also a misdemeanor.

If you’re almost 70-years-old and getting punched in the face by your unruly wife, you’re doing the whole “aged celebrity” thing wrong. If you’re alive long enough for your songs to be considered safe radio play at grocery stores nationwide then that means you’re still receiving royalties. Royalty checks combined with Social Security checks is enough money to fund a divorce and buy a barely used twenty-something year old whose dad used to play her the Beach Boys on vinyl. She’ll be smitten telling everyone her 70-year-old boyfriend contributed to the Surfin USA song.

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