Kristin Cavallari and Avril Lavigne to Star in Lost Summer?

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bill-swift - August 7, 2006

While it wouldn't be my first choice in terms of casting, it looks like Avril Lavigne and Kristin Cavallari might be making a movie together, for none other than MTV Films. In this exclusive report (thanks to our anonymous tipster), we hear that there is a lot of buzz inside the MTV offices about Avril and Kristin playing friends in the movie based on Alex McAulay's novel, Lost Summer.

I believe that Avril Lavigne is going to be starring with Kristin Cavallari as two friends who witness a murder in a film for MTV Films based on Alex McAulay's new novel, Lost Summer. It is not a done deal, but there is some serious buzz building over here about it. The MTV execs seem really invested in making Avril a movie star, and feel that Kristin owes them (our guess around here is that Avril is way more into this project than Kristin).

But after doing what little research I could bother to do, it seems like this might be the perfect casting after all. According to Alex McAulay's website, the book is summed up as follows:

It's Laguna Beach meets Cape Fear when a rich girl from California confronts murder and isolation on North Carolina's stormy Outer Banks.

Now, if that's not type-casting, I don't know what is. A movie from MTV, based on a book from MTV, starring a rich girl from California who was on MTV. Now that's what I call corporate synergy. Too bad neither of them can act.

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