Ashley Benson Orange Bikini Snapchat GIF For Chesty Peeks!

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bill-swift - July 9, 2015

Snapchat is supposed to share images and messages and then delete everything before your parents find it and ground you or have that cute guy at school arrested. But I think people with a moderate level of technical skill figured out how to bust that working practice pretty quickly. Now Snapchat is about as reliable on secrets as that What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas slogan. Yeah, true, but..... 

So when Ashley Benson snapchatted her cleavage in an orange bikini to her inner circle of girls and lucky bastard boys, don't you know, it just kind of appeared in more permanent fashion on the interweb. Shareable, for all to revel in the visual wonderment. Ashley truly is an underrated beauty. And that body. Well,  she puts th snap in snapchat. Chatting is overrated. Snapping, not so much. So hot. Enjoy

Photo Credit: SnapChat