Ariel Winter Twerking Her Huge Ass On Snapchat

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elliot-wolf - April 17, 2018

Ariel Winter is the type of woman I would want to accompany me at every festival. She’s the definition of a free spirit and body positivity wrapped nicely together in an awesome pair of shorts and top. Ariel is one of my favorite shapes and she shows it off very well. Sometimes I wish I could sneak in and help her get dressed for the festival every morning. I’d turn around until she’s presentable and has covered her bare necessities but after that, we could comb her closet together for the perfect outfit.

I’m saluting her choice of shorts and rockstar combat boots as they fall in accordance with the standard level of sexiness Ariel is known for. I wonder how I can enlist in her service. The idea of her being my drill sergeant is an honor. I’d never complain when it comes to dropping and giving her 50. There’s military grade quality seduction going on here and Winter just nuked my heart. I have no choice but to wave a white flag and surrender. Ariel is just too advanced when it comes to being attractive.

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Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA