Arianny Celeste Pokies at the “Thor: Ragnarok” Premiere

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aldo-vallon - October 23, 2017

 Arianny Celeste, as evidenced by her legs and ass, clearly is not one to skip leg day. Her body is so hard that if she dragged a diamond across it, it would be the diamond that got scratched. I say that as a warning to any would-be suitors, maybe that diamond necklace is not the best choice. A high end Nerf gun will send her the same message, but it is also practical as well. Play a round of William Tell with a girl and she will be yours forever, or she will never speak to you again for having shot her in the eye. It is a fine tight-rope to cross, but one that every man needs to do at least once in his relationship because that is how you find out if it is real. 

Seeing how well Arianny fills out that dress makes me think she is right where she belongs at the movie premiere for a superhero. Those proportions are about as close as a girl can hope to get to what we see on the pages of a comic book. Whatever she has been doing she should keep on doing because you cannot improve upon perfection.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images