Ariana Grande Booty 2014: The Year of the Concert Sweet Tuchus Flashing

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bill-swift - January 1, 2015

Oh, Ariana Grande. I'm not leaving 2014 without a tribute to your in-concert feline booty shaking. Ariana has been something of an awakening this year, transforming from a TV starlet into a full fledged music video and concert auto-tuned pop sensation. She went from relative worldwide obscurity to international stardom, complete with a never ending assorting of leg and booty baring costumes that highlighted her minxy female goodness.

Join me with me now if you will in this track back through the year of 2014 at the best of Ariana's booty shows. I'm quite certain I could never actually attend a concert of hers without ending up on a police list, again. But I'm not in any way possessing the self-control not to leer at this pop star sextastic body just the same. Quite a fine year, Ariana. Enjoy.