Argument Over Immanuel Kant Leads To Shooting

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bill-swift - September 18, 2013

A gun fight broke out in the Russian town of Rostov-on-don between two men over Immanuel Kant's philosophical masterpiece Critique of Pure Reason. Unlike us, who argue over football or which Kardashian has the most STI's, Russians apparently like to discuss 18th century philosophers over drinks. Lots and lots of drinks. When one man disagreed with the other man's take on Kant's assertion of sapere aude, the anti-Kantian took out a gun loaded with rubber bullets and unloaded on his enlightenment ass. It is unclear whether the man held more medieval notions of faith above reason, thought Kant's arguments were nothing but a bourgeois framework for an over reliance on intellectual knowledge, or he was just a drunken assclown. Either way these kinds of philosophical acts of violence must stop.

Pretty soon neo-Platonists will be having bike chain fights in the streets with followers of Focault. I for one cannot abide another rumble between utilitarians and anarcho-feminists over Marxist linguistics. I want to live in a world where post-modernists can sit at a table with Thomists like in an old French salon, (where philosophy was discussed not where you get your hair cut), and talk through philosophical disagreements without resorting to violence. Kant we all just get along? (rimshot!)

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