Another (Damn Crazy) Report from the PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One Frontline (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 13, 2013

The next generation of gaming is almost upon us. So, naturally, Microsoft and Sony have been engaged in all manner of promotional shenanigans. It's become difficult to keep track of whose shiny black like-a-toaster-from-the-Eighties wonderbox does what.

So how --how in holy hell-- do we decide which one to propel wads of our cashtacular money at in November? If only there were a couple of loons on the Internet who could spout amusing drivel at us on the subject! Fear not, gentlemen, because the guys of Machinima are here.

Fasten your eyestalks on the video above, and be enlightened. If extreme closeups of wiggling joysticks, Toys R Us apps and cents-a-month nitpicking isn't the best way to determine which is the console for you, what is? We could be cynical and suggest something showcasing actual damn games, but clearly that would be crazy talk.