Anne Hathaway in Glasses Feeds Some Very Wrong Fantasies

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bill-swift - April 12, 2011

I have a friend who tells me there's no such thing as a wrong fantasy. Of course, I'm paying her by the hour, so I sometimes feel like she may be telling me what I want to hear. These rather innocuous pictures of the restrained sexy Anne Hathaway in schoolmarm spectacles at the Rio premiere -- well, what's a boy to do? I mean, sure, we could start by being disruptive in class, being asked by Ms. Hathaway to clean the chalkboards after school, you know, while she grades papers and you're too scared to look at her directly because her scornful gaze over those thick lenses might just put you in an anatomically awkward situation? Oh, Ms. Hathaway, is the ruler really necessary? The yardstick? Oh, my. Enjoy.