Anna Friel the Heat in These Hot Bikini Pics

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Mitch Jablonski - February 28, 2019

Anna Friel was one of my favorite brunette Brits in the mid-aughts, but something happened and she never really caught fire here in the States. It was probably due to poor decision making in roles—Land of the Lost, anyone—but I always wanted her to be a bigger thing than she was, at least here in America.

These pics of Anna Friel frolicking on the beach in a sexy bikini that doesn't quite cover all of her breasts gave me a lot of nostalgia today. It's not every day that you get to hear about Anna Friel, so it's worth taking these chances when you can to see her looking sexy as all get out in a bikini.

I think tonight I'm gonna go home and watch The Look of Love, a great Michael Winterbottom film featuring a terrific Steve Coogan performance, as well as a nice nude scene from Anna Friel in a bubbly bath tub. Hell, maybe I'll get in a bubbly bath tub of my own. On second thought, no, that's gross. I'll just watch the movie and jack off to these pictures and fall asleep on the couch like always.

Photos appear courtesy of MEGA