Ana De Armas Sexy for Vogue Magazine Spain October 2017

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aldo-vallon - September 22, 2017

 If I did not know any better I would say Ana De Armas is about to put on a mascot costume. Actually, since I do not know any better I am going to assume that is what she is doing. It seems like a strange move for someone with a burgeoning career in acting. Usually I would assume, this is the type of thing one does when they are a struggling actor. They throw on the bear suit and trek out into 90 degree weather to hand out fliers for cellphone companies or coupons for sandwiches. I have never imagined any of them being as attractive as Ana, though. That seems like a job for an uggo if you ask me. Sex does sell after all, because of that I think Ana could drum up a lot more business by putting her assets on display, thereby making a fair bit more compensation as well. See, that is the importance of working smarter while not necessarily harder. Myself on the other hand, I would be a bear suit type of guy for my entire career. No one can see this mug and still be expected to keep an appetite for a half-off sandwich.   


Photo Credit: Vogue Magazine Spain