American Psycho: The Musical?

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bill-swift - October 8, 2013

Theatrical producers in London are turning to an unlikely source for their next musical: Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho. That's right, the tale of an investment banker named Patrick Bateman who turns into a serial killer, (or imagines it all?), will be hitting the stage in December. And who have they found to play Bateman? Why Dr. Who himself, Matt Smith! It's kind of weird casting as Bateman is supposed to be really good looking and Smith kinda looks like a British foot, but whatever. It's hard to imagine how you stage a show in which a character drops a chainsaw onto a prostitute, but I was never that great at theater tech.

What I wonder is if they will write a completely new score or incorporate songs from the movie version. Will Bateman sing Huey Lewis and the News as he chops a business associate up with an axe? Will he seduce two prostitutes with Phil Collins? Or will he belt out original tunes about how the weight and texture of a business card turns him homicidal? We'll have to wait and see.

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