Amber Heard Slinky Beach Hot in Summer Ads for Guess

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bill-swift - August 2, 2012

Despite rumors that our favorite Sapphic indulging hottie Amber Heard may be consoling a recently split Johnny Depp by means of vajayjay, well, we're never going to stop imagining her in all manner of scissor kissing positions, her super beauty mixed with super sweaty tropical Isle of Lesbos fun with another young lady of her near equal measure.

In these Ellen von Unwerth photos of Amber Heard for Guess' Summer 2012 promotions, we see why Amber is in demand both from women, men, and general merchandise pimpers, because she has that premiere good looking, photogenic quality that puts you in a small class of ladies the world wide over. She's got 'it' and oh, how we'd love to take a nibble. Enjoy.