Amanda Seyfried Underwear Hotness In Elle

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bill-swift - June 6, 2016

Making Amanda Seyfried look playful and vivacious is something new. Our lust inducing petite Nordic princess is many things, but full of vim is not one of them typically. More like Elsa from Frozen, a stoic blonde beauty from the North who paces herself in life as suitors encircle her asking for her hand in marriage, or what comes with the night of. Not that I've seen Frozen eleven times, so I might just be guessing. Now I'm crying again.

Amanda got all kinds of frisky fun time in her undies for Elle India, wherein she reminds us again why despite her insistence on never going exhibitionist nuts ever in public, we still imagine her in her bloomers walking around our abodes giving us that look like she's randy and ready to go. It's probably really subtle, so I might just jump the gun. But no worries, Amanda, after a twenty-two hour nap I'm good to go again. The male lion roars anon. Please stay in just your undies. The second time is for keeps. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle India