All The Sexiest Celebrity Toilet Pictures For You Sick Freaks

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elliot-wolf - October 14, 2018

What a time to be alive. I truly believe that if I possessed the brain power to build a time machine and travel to whatever year I wish, I wouldn’t go anywhere. I’d park my keister right here in 2018, the year of the bathroom selfie. Now there are a bunch of variations of the selfie. The car selfie, the outfit of the day selfie, the gym selfie, and the lazy Sunday selfie. But the bathroom toilet selfie has to be one of the most underrated selfies out there. It’s raw, real, and elegant all at the same time. It’s like art and photographs like those belong in the museum. It’s important to document human behavior for history purposes and this is undoubtedly one of our more glorious moments.

When technology has become so advanced that you’re able to take a camera inside of a restroom to take a picture, we as a society need to stop and make sure someone writes down that this feat has been accomplished. Maybe someone should consider giving out awards for the best bathroom picture of all-time. I’m going to cast my vote ahead of time and say Halle Berry, Emilia Clarke, and Natalie Halcro need to be nominated without a second thought.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Snapchat