Alexis Ren And Bryana Holly Pose In Their Underwear

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bill-swift - July 1, 2015

Alexis Ren and Bryana Holly just happen to be two of my most favorite young pimping models in Los Angeles at the moment. Yes, I keep a list. No, you can't see it. Yes, I tell every pretty girl I meet that she's at the top of my list. No, I don't meet many pretty girls. I'm tired of sharing. Let's just look at the fine work of Alexis and Bryana as they model their undies for Hammak Wear.

One dude did sneak his way into these photos. I wish we had the micro laser space age technology to remove him. But we don't. Try to ignore him as you feast your eyes upon the twin wonderments of Alexis and Bryana who individually could drive a man to make many horrible decisions in his life, but together, like the Wonder Twin Powers activating to just boggle the mind, cloud the judgement, and ultimately empty the bank account, ditch all the friends, and discover your ride is missing and your left with nothing but a Dear John letter and your name isn't even John. Still worth it. It's better to have lusted and lost then to never have lusted at all. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hammak Wear