Alexandra Daddario Showing Off Her Heavenly Racktastic for GQ

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bill-swift - June 26, 2017

Well, let's be honest. Baywatch didn't pan out as expected financially speaking. But that should in no way be the fault or responsibility of the hot girls who showed up to be in the movie and when asked to jiggle, asked how much. 

That would include Alexandra Daddario whose fine female form added value to Baywatch as it does all visual settings, including this passion producing swimswear shoot for GQ Spain. If you notice the photographer focusing on Alexandra's busty blessings, then you realize he's thinking a little bit or a lot like you do. What's not to love with a woman who travels with her own flotation devices.

Alexandra, you remain super hot. The script kept you too much in check. Especially the part where it says your character removes her swimsuit top that wasn't in the script! Could've used a bit more flesh. I'm just an observer, but I observe very closely. So damn hot. Unleash the beasts! Enjoy.


Photo Credit: GQ Spain / Richard Ramos