Alessandra Ambrosio Flashing Knickers Hot and Oiled On the Beach

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bill-swift - May 5, 2016

Talk about bringing out all stops. When Alessandra Ambrosio gets down to the business of looking as sextastic as a hot Brazilian mom with oiled down sultry skin on the beach in a revealing gown, well, you've just about hit it. When she starts flashing her panties and a ton of skin in the pimping and promotion of her signature scent Ale, you can bet she's not holding anything back.

In fact, Alessandra had a wardrobe malfunction of funbag proportions during the shoot. You can see Alessandra accidentally topless on EgotasticAllStars right now.

There's nothing finer than a MILF going hot body to the wall in an effort to feed her own brood. Not that they're hurting for Cheerios money, but selling your own stuff raises the stakes for the ambitious moms. Alessandra is not saying no to anything her director tells her is going to push the needle on sales. That's admirable. And wicked wicked hot. Enjoy.

Photo credit: PCN