‘Adult’ Video Game Polymorphous Perversity Will Sex You Up for Hours, Without Even Stopping for a Cigarette

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chris-littlechild - July 26, 2012

It's the monthiversary of the release of freeware abomination Polymorphous Perversity. Strippers are surely converging upon the home of creator Nicolau Chaud, and we daresay great quantities of erotic cakes and other baked confections in the shapes of chesticles and testicles are being fashioned in honor of this illustrious occasion. As a further salutation to these sleazy shenanigans, we bring you the above gallery of astronomically NSFW excerpts from the game. We offer a solemn (albeit fictional) affidavit that you will not see anything more disconcerting/simply nut-numbingly mental than this today. Get your fill of pixelated penis, virtual vag, byte-boobs, digital dangleberries and further porntacular bons mots right here.

While purportedly an RPG, Kotaku's report comprises such excerpts of wonderment as "The entrance to the dungeon is guarded by a pre-op transsexual woman, who is facing away from the camera to hide her penis. To get inside, the player has to have sex with the "tranny"; I don't mean to offend any transsexuals with that, that's just what they are referred to in the game itself."

Which, we'll concede, can be safely ensconced in the pigeonhole bearing the legend rather unconventional.

Source (and Images provided by) Kotaku, hit the link for more of this carnal camaraderie.

Those of a masochistic/curious/deviant bent can download the game from gamejolt here. Why they would wish to subject themselves to something as awful as the accumulated skidmarks and fetor Satan generally scrapes from his tighty whities of a Saturday afternoon is another matter.