Abigail Ratchford Crushing Hot Boobtastic on Instagram

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bill-swift - May 10, 2017

My common law wife Abigail Ratchford somehow continues to manage to ratchet up the hotness on her social media shared selfies and portraits of hot flesh photos each and every passing month. It's almost as if she's born to do this. Greatness is the path that must be followed. If that makes any sense, and only as applied to incredibly buxom brunettes with an exhibitionist boobtastic streak running hard through their bodies.

Abigail is in that category of loveliest of curvaceous social media stars who takes the time and effort to create a unique faptastic illusion for each of her shares. Forget that drunk selfie with duck face. This is all about promoting the positives of her body wonder and making men want to do stupid things. That's not a high threshold, but Abigail exceeds it with each funbag promoting piece of photographic work. She's a stunner and a provider of happy dreams. Does she win a prize? Oh, many times over daily. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: @abigailratchford / Instagram