ABC Stars Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter Steal The Show At The HBO Party

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aldo-vallon - January 11, 2019

I guess the rivalries amongst television stations are not as heated as I thought they were. I assumed it was kind of like gang wars, where if you were wearing the wrong colors around Rockefeller Plaza then you risked getting mauled by the NBC peacock. Apparently the stars from one channel can waltz right into whatever party they want, regardless of their channel affiliation.

That is much more lame than I hoped it to be. Maybe that is why so much of television sucks. The actors know they will be welcome to any party that is being held so long as they are on any channel at all. There is no incentive for them to produce good material in a system like that.

Actors can spend their entire careers on the blackhole of a police procedural drama and never have to worry about upping their game to get respect. It’s kind of sad to think about. I would probably kill myself if I was in that position. Knowing I never reached my potential of being a background actor on an HBO show would mean my life was a failure.




Photo Credit: Splash News / MEGA